Greetings and Welcome

Bhakti Sondra Shaye A word from Sondra Shaye about covid-19: To assist and support you during these unprecedented times, we have seen tremendous success with Biontology healing helping to reduce long-term covid effects.
"Started feeling the most incredible healing energy hitting my heart/chest area! Still feeling it all day today. Feeling a real releasing and healing still."
"I've noticed a marked improvement in retrieving normal breath after walking up three flights. Thanks for this tremendous gift. It's really a powerful modality. Plus it is your connection to Source!"

We have also found that a Biontology healing session often alleviates covid vaccine-related symptoms within hours.
"My energy made a 180 degree turn-around. I urge everyone who got the vaccine to get a biontology session."

Your symptoms can be greatly relieved. There's no need to suffer through that. We're here to help.

And just a reminder, if you or a loved one contracts covid, Biontology healing sessions focused on treating the lungs often virtually stops covid-related coughing symptoms in their tracks.

This does not replace any needed medical treatment. It is offered as a supportive technique that may greatly benefit anyone exposed to covid.

Rising Star healing sessions and the Emotional Cord Cutting are tremendously helpful for healing and releasing on the emotional and psychological levels, bringing a deep sense of calm and well-being. Biontology healing sessions work extraordinarily well for physical symptoms. With Biontology healing we can remove many toxins, including heavy metals, we can also relieve a cold or flu, especially when treated early, and we can help ease a cough or other lung-related issues. Spiritual Counseling sessions bring solace, peace of mind, and deeper understanding. Spiritual Counseling sessions can be both uplifting and calming during these trying times.

Bhakti Sondra Shaye Through powerful and proven healing systems and transformational healing workshops you can find happiness, balance, peace within and relief from challenging issues.

You can quickly become the person you were born to be!

You will bring forward your potential and experience shifts you thought were not possible.

This service will illuminate and improve your life in profound and lasting ways.

Take the first step. We are here.


Bhakti Sondra Shaye "One of the challenges of moving through fear is identification. After a while, you identify with the problem for so long that you don't know who you are without it. So, now instead of trying to navigate through try to imagine who you would be without the problem. Allow a loving world that is beyond this fear to fill your mind and heart. Imagine being free. This is the bridge home." - Derek O'Neill

"To serve another is to remember yourself."

Bhakti Sondra Shaye "They say that good things come in small packages. Well, it is true after you meet Bhakti Sondra Shaye. She is small in the physical sense, but let me tell you, she is big in the healing sense. Don't let her fool you, when she is channeling healing she is unlimited in size." - DEREK O'NEILL, author, transformational therapist, master healer, spiritual teacher (Dublin, Ireland)

Bhakti Sondra Shaye "Bhakti Sondra, I appreciate you and all of the Light you are adding to the world. God Bless you." - PATRICIA COTA-ROBLES, author, spiritual teacher and therapist

Bhakti Sondra Shaye "I listened to one of the videos with Sondra last night, and I feel connected to her talk. Sondra radiates so much unconditional love, joy and light, and it makes me wonder how is it possible to achieve that state of being. I believe that I found Sondra for the purpose of my healing and spiritual growth. With kind wishes."

"Sondra has something within her that transcends; this is something other, without hyperbole, she has something extraordinary within her. She touched me and my sorrow came welling out of me in the most healing way."

"Thank you for all that you've done to help others. The testimonials made me a bit teary eyed because you've touched so many people. Namaste."

"Sondra, Thank You. You have been an enormous help to me. I feel good for the first time in 8 years. I was in hell and I was brought out. I want to stay on this path."

Bhakti Sondra Shaye We stand in solidarity with our Black sisters and brothers. As a privileged white woman, I cannot begin to imagine what people of color have felt and endured in this country now and throughout our history. But I can be an ally. I can reject racism, call it out and fight against it. I can listen and learn. I can work for change. I can campaign and vote. I can extend a hand. I can open my heart. I can see love in the eyes of my sisters and brothers. Black Lives Matter. ~ Sondra Shaye